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My Second Radio Writing Credit

That's right, kids. I've been writing again.

There is a podcast called Live From Kirrin Island that is put together by some people over on the British Comedy Guide (BCG) Forums.

I believe that is was setup as an independent (i.e. Not BBC) way to get more topical comedy on the air. The only other real regular outlet that has an open door policy is BBC's Newsjack.

You can find the episode page, my credit and download link here and I even get an on air writing credit, not just my name listed on the website (which is what happened with the Newsjack credit I got back in March). Hearing my name read out on the show (on the podcast, but it was also broadcast on Brooklands Radio) is kinda cool, even if it is my alias, "Matt Fisher." Two credits into my career and I'm already using pseudonyms. Obviously to protect me from the adoring hordes who would swamp me and prevent me from doing any extra work.

Exciting stuff, no?

Well, if it can get any more exciting, you'll have listened to the podcast and you'll be wondering which bit is mine to get me my credit. The answer will surprise you.

None of the jokes that made it to the final version were mine.

Yep, that's right. I managed to get a writing credit without writing anything.

It appears that's the case, but it isn't exactly true. I wrote quite a few one liners for the show. One of them was recorded during the show (at the time the credits were also recorded), but it was cut in the final edit before the show was broadcast and podcasted.

But which joke was recorded, but cut for time? Well, it was this one:

I don't see why a woman was arrested over a racist bus rant. If you're going to allow a racist bus, you have to understand that people are going to get upset about it.

You can find the full explanation, from the show's producer, here.

But that's not all! In an effort to find out what was going on, I found out via Twitter that another one of my jokes caused an argument behind the scenes. It was an argument that my joke clearly lost. But I'm nothing if not divisive. And what was that joke?

I'm so excited to hear that councils are selling off the best homes to reinvest in more new builds, I've got a semi.

Tee hee. Knob gag.

If I can keep my eye on the BCG website, next time I might even try and submit a topical sketch rather than just sticking to one liners.

With the next series Newsjack coming up, it proves I'm not completely out of joke writing shape. Even if they didn't make the final cut.

If you fancy a go at this radio writing lark, then head over to BCG website's forum and the Newsjack page and keep your eye open for the next set of opportunities.

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My First BBC Writing Credit

Well, it took 24 episodes of trying, but I finally did it. I got a writing credit on Newsjack:

The official page on the BBC can be found here.

I'm just stunned right now to be honest.

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 Extra tonight at 22:30 to listen to what actually got on. And then listen to it again on iPlayer when it is available and then download the podcast.

You can get the show mp3 download here (however long that lasts).

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