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Blog Update!


You might have noticed that the writing has slowed a little here over the past few months. (Like the Friday jokes and such.) Well, in the next few weeks I shall be trying to rectify that. In an effort to kick start my own writing, I entered the NYC Midnight short screenplay competition. (See last week's blog post.) I got eliminated after the 2nd challenge. (I'll post that script soon.) In the meantime I working on my topical sketch abilities for the next series of Newsjack (which should be in February).
So as soon as I pull my finger out and write some new stuff, I'll be posting it. (Whether it be scripts, short stories, or even random shit that you all love me for.) Check back soon.

For now though, courage!

(Or you can have fun with this phrase generator that I found on the Internet. Or this writing exercises website.)

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Sketch Vote: The Results: An Update

You may recall that back in June I asked for you help in deciding which sketches to use for a competition. If you don't know, you probably aren't interested in the original post that resides here. Nor will you be interested in the results that other readers such as yourselves helped decide.

In case you don't know where this is heading, I did a Mundane Monday post about sending off the entry for the script competition that this post relates to.

Well, I'm writing to tell you that I won't be going to New York. (At least not in September, with travel paid for to attend the finals of the competition.) It isn't that I wasn't willing to go. No, it was more akin to Newsjack failures that they didn't want what I was trying to sell them.

As part of the competition, the name of which escapes me (or rather it doesn't but I'm too bitter to type it out again), I was told that I'd get feedback about my entry form from a professional reader. (As a way that they justify the entry fee I suppose.)

At the end of last week I received my feedback in an email. Actually, it was in a PDF attached to the email. But you get my point that an email was sent and somehow feedback was attached, don't you?


So I've read the feedback, and without reprinting it here (because it would give too much of the whole concept away) I'm pleased with part of it. It seems that the only part they weren't keen on was the amount of character detail I submitted and the sketches themselves, which were voted on by you! So I hold you solely responsible.

Nah, I'm just kidding.

92.8% responsible. :)

It's at this point that I should say that I did need to develop some wrap arounds to make the submission not just a generic sketch show. It's a good job that I did because at least there was something that they liked.

But it isn't all bad news. I'm going to work on my sketch writing some more. I'm taking a Sketch writing course with CSz at the moment (the same one I did last year) and I've signed up for an online writing course in September, which should give me a little more one-on-one feedback (hopefully). September looks to be the start of a new series of Newsjack. So I'll be trying to write material for that, too.

So all in all, the next few months look to be a fairly busy writing time for me. (Especially with my fifth NaNoWriMo coming up in November.)

But that's not all, I'm not going to junk what I submitted for the New York competition, I'm going to take the central idea of the wrap arounds and develop it further. Hopefully I'll be able to write some new sketches, too. If all goes well, it will form the basis of my firswt submission to the BBC Writers Room.

Catch you next time,


PS. I realise this should have been a weight loss post week, being the third Wednesday of the month and all that, but I wasn't weighed last Friday (as far as I'm aware, no one was). If I'm weighed this Friday, I'll be posting about it next week.

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