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Sketch Writing Update – An Update!

I'm still writing sketches for both The Show What You Wrote and 4am Cab podcast.

So far I have 8 sketches written for TSWYW (with the deadline this Friday).

I have 3 sketches written for 4am Cab (deadline this Sunday).

Not only have I written these sketches but I'm also working on entries for these two short story competitions from the Australian Book Review and The Binnacle.

You've still time,so why not have a go at all 4 of them?

Until next time,

Keep writing.

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FADE OUT! Farewell Screnzy 2009.



A Bunny In a Compromising Position
Another attempt, another win.

Roll on next year.

Roll on a better idea.

Roll on deoderant.

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INT. Office – Script Frenzy – Day 1

MATT, a strangely disappointing excuse of a man, stares with glazed eyes, the sort of glaze that is usually reserved for doughnuts, at a computer screen containing a BLANK document .

The CURSOR taunts him.

His well is dry, fortunately he has indoor plumbing - even in the north of England, but that isn't helping him now.

MATT's fingers glide over the keyboard as he types.

It would seem Matt is shit at typing. He deletes, and starts again, SLOWLY.

Ideas = 0.
Pages = 0.

I'm already behind in the page count, and it's only just gone midnight.

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