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Sketch: Prince Charles Ice Bucket Challenge

Hey y'all,

Remember last week when I mentioned that I got a writing credit on NewsRevue back at the beginning of September? Well, you should have got over your shock at my success by now.

And because I've been busy of late, I thought that I'd "phone in" this post by just uploading the sketch that I wrote.

Remember the lazy days of summer when that ice bucket do dah was all the rage, and those videos went round the internet faster than a chicken riding a rodeo bull? Oh, good. Hold onto that mental image. It'll keep you warm at night. But until then, here's my sketch that I sent in to NewsRevue:

You can see it in PDF form. (If you have a penchant for making topical sketches well past their sell by date, feel free to make it.)

Hope you enjoyed that.

And see you all back here next week for more half-assery.


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Writing Credit: NewsRevue – The Stage Show

So, now that the Newsjacking season is upon us I've been submitting to the show as usual.

But this year, in the run up to series 11, I decided to do a bit of a warm up and submit to a topical stage show that happens in London. Every week.

So I started submitting to NewsRevue at the end of August.

And last week, I heard that I got a credit on the show two weeks in a row.

(It's the same sketch that got on in both weeks, but I'm counting it as two credits, because each week stands alone.)

So if you want to see my credit, go on over to the British Comedy Guide and look at my first credit (for 2014 Run 6 Week 1) and second credit (for 2014 Run 6 Week 2). As there's a bit of a delay between actually getting a sketch on and finding out about it (because I'm not London based), if you want to see the sketch in action, you'll need a time machine. When you get hold of one, let me know. There's a couple of places in time that I'd like to go. (Unless, of course, I post the sketch once it's no longer earning me cashola.)

And if you want to submit, check out the NewsRevue website for details of what they're looking for.

Good luck to you in your writing endeavours.


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