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September “Funnies”

Rather than see my "jokes" disappear into the social media ether, I thought I'd put them where they will never be lost. Or looked at.

Presenting a round up of all the jokes that I wrote in September:

  1. To all those starting back at school over the next week or so, can I just say: Ha ha.
  2. I'm optimistic about this month's horoscope. According to my horoscope, anyway.
  3. It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and World of Warcraft.
  4. I was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge. But I lost out to Meryl Streep. That woman wins everything.
  5. Just had my first lesson in being a Pick Up Artist. I stencilled a daisy on the hood. Tomorrow, a Hello Kitty on the tailgate.
  6. Q. Why didn't the bowler wear his spare pants?
    A. Because they had a 7 10 split.
  7. Would you like to know my hilarious owl stew recipe? It's a hoot and a half.
  8. The LibDems promise more free childcare, according to the BBC. Well, most of them will be unemployed after the next election, so it'll give them a reason to get up in the morning. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29038263
  9. The air was cool. Not Fonzie cool. Milhouse cool.
  10. Placido Domingo to close the iTunes Festival. How? By clicking the X in the upper right hand corner, just like everybody else.
  11. Saw a Jeremy Vine interview. It lasted more than 6 seconds.
  12. Been watching a match on TV for 90 minutes. Nothing's happening. It's true what they say: It really isn't going to combust without some sandpaper.
  13. Future-proof your sandwiches by eating them today.
  14. I started up an Apple Watch, but all I got in the end was compost.
  15. Woke up feeling like one of the Seven Dwarfs. Not saying which one, but it's only 7.20am and I've already been sued for malpractice.
  16. Amazon have introduced "Fire" their first smartphone. It features Firefly technology. That means it'll be cancelled prematurely. Then turned into a film a few years later.
  17. Another Stephen King adaptation is heading to the CBS TV network. It's called "Under The Dome." And this time, it'll follow the plot of the book.
  18. If you think the iWatch or other smartwatches are a good idea, consider this: my smartwatch is very unhappy. According to his diary entries, anyway.
  19. I'm listening to Barenaked Ladies. The security in this Women only gym is very lax.
  20. If you added up all the time I've spent sat on the toilet, you probably need a more varied set of hobbies.
  21. My suit carrier is so lazy, he expects me to carry him.
  22. At the supermarket, getting some exercise in. For a big guy, this security guard is fast on his feet.
  23. There's runner beans in the kitchen. So far, they've refused to get me a latte. They'll never make it in the film industry with that attitude.
  24. Enjoyed a tumbler full of scotch until I got Batman's valeting bill.
  25. Just walked past the aptly named Still Fresh shelf in the supermarket. They're right. It pinched my bum.
  26. Sugar intake must be slashed, say scientists. What about all the poor sugar that studied hard at school? Now they'll all be fighting over fewer uni places.
  27. If you ever wonder to yourself "Will putting the car air conditioning on for a two hour car journey keep my sandwich edible and fresh at my destination?" I can tell you from experience, the answer is a resounding "NO."
  28. Sure, these baked beans claim to be in a rich tomato sauce, but if you ask them for a bit of money, they get really quiet.
  29. Got some big news today. My A0 printer arrived.
  30. Boss commended me for draping myself sexily on the office kitchen table last week. Apparently, lunch breaks have been drastically reduced since then.
  31. What do we want?
    An end to lethargy.
    When do we wa
  32. Took a walk while listening to "I'm Shipping Up To Boston." A rat ran across my path. I'm going to get shot by Matt Damon, aren't I?
  33. Just jumped a box at the gym. That'll teach it to not watch its back.
  34. Managed to do a 3 pointer on the basketball court. Subsequently, my car got towed.
  35. London Underground to operate a 24 hour tube service at the weekends from September 2015. No word yet on whether it will be a Saturday or a Sunday.
  36. ISIL crisis caused David Cameron to recall parliament. Sadly he could only remember Nick and that squirrely looking bloke.
  37. Got wolf-whistled at whilst on a rural stroll. Suppose it's what I get if I replace my jaunty autumnal jacket with bacon. Damn you, drycleaners.

Plus my Newsjack Series 11 Week 1 Oneliners


  1. After the result of the Scottish vote, Apple to change the name of iCloud to nayCloud.
  2. Breaking News! Richard the Third’s skull.
  3. Political Change does come to Westminster, thanks to a new charity box in the House of Commons.
  4. Gordon Brown vows that Scottish powers will be delivered. But if Scotland aren’t in, they’ll be left with a neighbour, England. Or in a safe place, probably under that fake hill at the back of Edinburgh.
  5. Angelina Jolie to direct film on Ivory poaching, while Delia Smith will write the tie in cookbook. This should finally change the mind of those that like their ivory scrambled.
  6. It’s finally official: It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and World of Warcraft.


  1. On BBC2 it’s Holmes Under The Hammer. This week, thanks to a booking mishap, Sherlock and MC Hammer have to share bunk beds.
  2. On Channel 5 at 8pm, it’s The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door. This week, Scotland just won’t keep the noise down.
  3. On the BBC, it’s Saturday Kitchen. This week, guest presenter Tony Blair praises the virtue of using ground troops, for those military chefs that don’t have time to let the enemy do it.
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A Good Day

A few weeks ago I wrote about my quest to submit jokes to the weekly @ComedyHighlight #win100 Competition on Twitter.

It has been a rather busy writing week this week. I've been writing stand up material, sketches for BBC Radio 7's Newsjack (SPOILER ALERT: I didn't get anything on this week) and trying to redraft a sitcom for some friends. I was even ill during the middle of the week which didn't help matters. (Except the weight loss of 4lbs since last Friday, but I've got a few more weeks to put it back before I'm scheduled to blog about that again.)

But at the start of the week I thought up a joke for this week's ComedyHighlight competition and Tweeted it:

What do you call an evil pizza topping? The anti-crust. #win100.

I didn't give it much thought after that. I'd be lying if I said I was ultra-confident about my submission. The real reason why I didn't submit more jokes, is because that is the only one liner I managed to write this week. Had I written more, I would have submitted them.

So I switched on the PC when I arrived home tonight and was surprised to learn that I won.

And not just "placed" won, but "won" won. As in 1st place.

I don't think I'm under selling the fact that I'm really ecstatic that I've won.

This is the first time that I've ever been paid for my writing.

£100. I couldn't be happier.

I'm hoping that this is the turning point regarding my writing. (Obviously not based on the quality of these blog posts.) The win won't count for anything on Monday morning when the competition opens again for new entries and I'll have just the same chance as everyone else. But at least for this weekend I can count myself a winner.

Turns out my MSN horoscope for February 2011 was right:

You could finally get paid for a job on the 18th, but there won't be much left over after you pay the bills.

So I'm going to enjoy my working weekend. That is assuming that I don't balls up my stand up performance in class tomorrow. Then the weekend will be spent working hard on trying to come up with some sketches for week 3 of Newsjack because that's another goal I want to accomplish. And I've got 4 more shows in this series to make it happen.

So enjoy your weekend everyone. May it be very creative.


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It started with a Tweet…

It started with a Tweet:

What do dissident pigeons stage? A coo. #win100

Every week, the Comedy Highlight Twitter feed puts out the call for people to submit jokes to them from Noon on Monday to Noon on Friday. At the end of the week, they pick the top three like they like the best and award prizes with the top tweet getting £100. In order to qualify as an entrant you must be following @ComedyHighlight on Twitter and tag your tweet with #win100.

And in case you haven't picked up on the clues, given the non-Wednesdayness of this post...

I won.

Ok. Not exactly "won" won, but I did place in the top three. Just.

So while I didn't win the money, it is a step in the right direction. And who knows what next week may bring?

Probably rain.

Bloody British weather.

But I do have to say that I'm a little worried that this may be the Comedy Highlight of my career. But who knows? (If you know, please tell me).

But I'd be remiss if I didn't try and capitalise on my comedy momentum, and so: Fresh off my Comedy Highlight Twitter #win100 3rd place, I'd like to plug my appearance tomorrow at the Manchester Comedy Store, where I'll try and get my coat back from Lost Property. Remember to say my name at the door to get confused looks.

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