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Final Improv Shows of 2015

So I haven't updated the ol' blog-a-trola much this past year since moving to Australia. Mainly because I didn't have much to say, but I have been doing improv about town. And I've been doing a slew of classes, which are all coming to the end of term in the next couple of weeks, so here's a list of where you can see me on stage in Melbourne over the next 14 days:

WED 2 DECEMBER 2015 10pm - IMPROV CONSPIRACY - CAGE MATCH. Performing with Tom Twinn as "Best-ish Of British"

FRI 4 DECEMBER 2015 8.30pm - IMPROV CONSPIRACY - BYOT. Performing with Jake Payne as "Man Feelings"

SUN 6 DECEMBER 2015 7pm - IMPROV CONSPIRACY - Musical Improv Showcase. Performing with a bunch of very talented people who have been under the tutelage of Andrew Strano for the past 8 weeks.

SAT 12 DECEMBER 2015 7.30pm - IMPROV CONSPIRACY - Level 3 Improv Showcase. Performing with a bunch of very talented people who have been under the tutelage of Broni Lisle and Simon McCulloch for the past 8 weeks. This show will focus of creating improvised sketches.

SAT 12 DECEMBER 2015 8.30pm - IMPROV CONSPIRACY - Level 5 Improv Showcase. Friendship Train. Toot Toot. Performing with my improv fam who have been under the tutelage of Hayley Tantau and Shea Evans for the past forever. This show will be a Harold. There will be 2 sets to this show. I will be in at least one of them.

And after these shows are done, we'll see if I have succumbed to improv burn out. (Most probably). Not only will these shows mark my last of 2015, but it also marks the end of my core training at Improv Conspiracy, which is sad, because it's been a very big positive of 2015. Who knows where life will take me in 2016. I hope that I'll be able to continue to make stuff up with these really fun people.

I'm just going to take a moment to thank everyone that I've improvised with throughout my time here in Melbourne. If I hadn't found Improv Conspiracy and Impro Melbourne, I wouldn't have stayed in Australia this long.

With Especial thanks to:

MUSICAL - Strano, Rainer, April, Ashley, Carly, James, Jayden, Jess, Laura, Owen, Sabina, Triona

LEVEL 3 - Broni, Simon, Elly, Fiona, Ian, James, Luke, Philippe, Reuben, Vu.

FRIENDSHIP TRAIN - Hayley, Shea, Ashley, Carly, Dani, Elizabeth, Jake, Jayden, Lelda, Leticia, Reb, Tom, Zoe.

BEST-ISH OF BRITISH - Tom and Georgina.


And a big thanks to all the Melbourne improvisers that I've seen perform on stage this year. You've been fun to watch.

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