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Newsjack Series 10 Review!

It's the 500th post here on I Love Matt Fishwick dot com! Over 21,000 hits. A massive weight gain and a Grammy nomination. (My grammy says I'm the best, and I'm in her will.) To celebrate these milestones, let's talk Newsjack. To not celebrate it and be a party pooper, go to http://www.ihatemattfishwick.com.

Newsjack ended last Thursday after a 6 week run. And the 6th week of the show marked my 48th submission to it since the start of series 3 back in June 2010. When the show was announced as returning for series 10, there was a new host and a new set of producers. In addition, the format was announced to be changing, too. Gone were the vox pops (fake public call in segments which was a delivery system for one liners) and they were to be replaced with three different types of one liners. There was Breaking News, Coming Up (fake segments that supposedly would appear later in the show) and TV Listings. People could submit a maximum of 3 one liners for each segment. The sketches were also focused on more specific topic areas now. With the topics largely following the heading for the different news sections on the BBC News website. Business, Politics, World News, Entertainment, Sports, etc. The number of sketches that each writer could submit per week also fell from three to two.

I wondered how I would fare at first, given my lack of success on series 9 of the show. I've never been great at topical stuff, but I keep doing it in the hopes of getting better. It was also a bit of a surprise when the show started accepting one liners that were not necessarily topical. The fact that the number of sketches that a writer could submit to the show was now 2 didn't really affect me that much, as I think I never submitted the full 3 in any of the previous shows. (I managed two some weeks in previous series, though.)

I resolved to work hard on the material that I would be submitting, and I had hopes that because I'd already written a number of sketches in the weeks leading up to the start of the series (for series 2 of The Show What You Wrote and series 3 of 4am Cab) I hoped I would be more "warmed up" so I resolved to write two sketches and 9 one liners every week. And apart from week 2 and week 6, I did manage to write 2 sketches per week. In week 2 and week 6, I only managed to write one each. So over the course of the 10th series, I submitted 10 sketches and 54 one liners. (You can see a round up of the one liners in my Friday "Funnies" posts.) I've even posted some of the sketches that I submitted to the show on this website. (And will probably be posting the remaining sketches in the upcoming weeks.)

I'm happy I managed 2 credits in the first half of this series (episodes 1 and 3), even if those episodes did meet with some criticism on the Internet from people that didn't really like the new format to the show. Episodes 1 through 3 had a few hiccups but episodes 4 through 6 were great and the show has really hit it's stride again. The credits I scored were for one liners, which means I still haven't cracked the topical sketch writing side of it yet. (Of my credited one liners, the first one was topical while the one that appeared in episode 3 wasn't.) I'm going to resolve to continue with the topical material over the summer and hopefully (fingers crossed) I can be on form at the start of the next series. (Hopefully there is one.) I'm looking forward to trying again in series 11, and trying to get a sketch on at the 49th attempt, as sketch credits are what counts when trying to advance up the BBC writer food chain.

I'm happy that I managed 2 credits this series which is a vast improvement over my dire time during series 9, but still didn't reach the dizzying heights of making the record 3 times during series 8 but having one cut from the episode prior to broadcast.

Overall, in 48 submissions to the show, I have had six credits (S6E6, S7E1, S8E2, S8E6, S10E1, and S10E3: I made it rain BBC licence fee money!) with an addition two episodes that I had material recorded but it was cut before the show was broadcast (S5E1 and S8E3: I made it rain my tears.). Here is a breakdown of my submission record in handy spreadsheet style, if that sort of thing interests you:
Newsjack Record Series 3 - 10

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