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BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Newsjack – Series 10 Episode 1 – A Writing Credit

Newsjack's back for another series (the 10th) of nailbiting nervousness from wannabe comedy writers. Starting with episode 1 tonight at 10.30pm on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

And lucky for me, because my nails are already short, I got something in the show.

I got the "Congrats" email at 4.30pm this afternoon, but I've no idea what I got in. But it's cool that I got my 5th BBC writing credit. Almost 12 months since the last one on episode 6 of series 8. (I didn't have any luck with series 9 last autumn, though I did post a lot of my one liners.)

You can see the episode page on the Newsjack website here.

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 Extra at 22:30 on Thursday 6 March 2014. Click here for the online streamy thing and click here for the podcast download (podcast episode available for 7 days after broadcast).

Here's a screenshot of my credit:

Partial Writing Credits for Series 10, episode 1

Addendum: The material they used was my McIlroy one liner. Get the direct podcast link here (valid for 7 days from 6 March 2014).

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  1. Hey Matt – I’m probably being incredibly dense because I can’t find the link to the credits on the Newsjack website. Can you post the link to where the credits are? Well done for getting in btw! I’ve had a years drought in Newsjack as well (actually thought I’d lost my comedy)

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