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Sketch Writing Submissions

This past few weeks have been fairly busy, both work and writing wise.

I've managed to submit to 3 different shows over the past week or so. (And I've even managed to write a short story and send that off to a literary magazine.)

In all, I have written 15 sketches over the past 3 weeks.

I submitted 8 to The Show What You Wrote (The deadline passed on February 28th. Show will be broadcast in August.)
I submitted 5 to 4am Cab Series 3. (Usually released on the first of the month, for 6 months, from April onwards.)
And I have submitted 2 sketches and 9 one liners for Newsjack, which got sent off on Sunday. (The show is broadcast tomorrow, but there are 5 more that can be submitted to. Find more info here.)

So this is why I haven't written much stuff with variety on the website for a while. (And because I haven't done any improv gigs since January.)

But hopefully, now I have a little writing mojo, I'll be a bit more prolific.

Until next week, toodles.

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