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Sketch Writing Update

I'm writing...

... This blog post...

... And more!

I'm in the process of writing some sketches for some shows that are inviting submissions at the moment. There is the 2nd series of The Show What You Wrote. (Which I got recorded for last series, but my sketch was cut in the edit, which means I didn't get paid for it.) And, after failure at that and failure in series 9 of Newsjack, I'm still chasing my 5th BBC credit. I've got about 20 ideas at the moment, but let's see if any of them turn into sketches. Fingers Crossed!

There is also series 3 of 4am Cab podcast. (I got a couple of sketches on the last series, so I'm hoping for more this time.)

Why not have a go at writing for them yourself.

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