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Blog Update!


You might have noticed that the writing has slowed a little here over the past few months. (Like the Friday jokes and such.) Well, in the next few weeks I shall be trying to rectify that. In an effort to kick start my own writing, I entered the NYC Midnight short screenplay competition. (See last week's blog post.) I got eliminated after the 2nd challenge. (I'll post that script soon.) In the meantime I working on my topical sketch abilities for the next series of Newsjack (which should be in February).
So as soon as I pull my finger out and write some new stuff, I'll be posting it. (Whether it be scripts, short stories, or even random shit that you all love me for.) Check back soon.

For now though, courage!

(Or you can have fun with this phrase generator that I found on the Internet. Or this writing exercises website.)

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