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4am Cab – Series 2 – Episodes 4 and 5 Writing Credits

We're 5 episodes into series 2 of the 4am Cab podcast, and I felt it was time to post about it.

At the begining of the year, 4am Cab opened for submissions for the second series. I sent off a sketch. The series started and the first 3 episodes were produced and posted online. The podcast opened the submission window again in the middle of the series, and I sent them another 2 sketches.

When episode 4 rolled around, I got a sketch on that was co-written by the very funny Cat Furniss. It's the bank Robber sketch that starts at about the 10 minute mark. Get the podcast.

When episode 5 rolled around, I was surprised to see that I got another credit. This time, the sketch that they used (although heavily rewritten) was the original one that I wrote and sent them back in March. The sketch is the multi-part sketch about the baby. Glad that sketch found a home. Get the podcast.

I've enjoyed the 4am podcast, not just because they give me a writing credit. My friend, Judgement Dave, also got a credit in episode 1 for his sketch Googling Life. Get the podcast.

Now, I'm just waiting to hear back about a sketch I submitted (and did a rewrite of) for Kirrin Island...

Hopefully, this'll stand me in good stead for the upcoming series 9 of Newsjack which starts on September 19th.

Back to the Writer's Room I go!

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