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An Update On My Recent Writing

Hello there, unsuspecting victim. I mean, valued blog hit.

It's been a fair old busy time as of late in the fiction department. (That's what I call my bedroom when there are no ladies in it.) And I thought that I'd give you a little list of all the different shows that I have submitted to recently and a little update about each one.


In February and March, I've submitted to all 6 episodes of the 8th series of BBC Radio 4 Extra's Topical Sketch Show. And this series I've had my highest hit rate to date. In series 8, my material was recorded in 50% of the episodes (S08E2, S08E3 and S08E6) and ended up making the final broadcast in 2 of those instances (S08E2 and S08E6).

Here is a breakdown of my submission record for each series:

Series 8 (br. 14th Feb - 21st Mar 2013), 6 episodes: 2 - 1 - 3.

Series 7 (br. 20th Sep - 25th Oct 2012), 6 episodes: 1 - 0 - 5.

Series 6 (br. 23rd Feb - 29th Mar 2012), 6 episodes: 1 - 0 - 5.

Series 5 (br. 15th Sep - 20th Oct 2011), 6 episodes: 0 - 1 - 5.

Series 4 (br. 10th Feb - 17th Mar 2011), 6 episodes: 0 - 0 - 6.

Series 3 (br. 17th Jun - 22nd Jul 2010), 6 episodes: 0 - 0 - 6.

Total record:

Series 3 to series 8 (2010 - 2013), 36 episodes: 4 - 2 - 30.

(Key: Broadcast Credit - cut for time email - nothing used.)

The Show What You Wrote

At the end of March the deadline for another BBC Radio open door sketch show closed. The show will have 5 episodes each around a different theme. Originally it had a deadline of the start of March and I managed to submit 9 sketches in total and several one liners for each show. I wrote 6 sketches on my own and co-wrote three with my friend Cat Furniss. I haven't heard back from them yet (if at all) but then it is only a few days past the extended deadline.

4am Cab

This is a non topical dark comic podcast that I submitted a couple of sketches to an episode last year, but they didn't get on. (I got some nice feedback off one of the writers, though). This time out, the submision schedule changed and instead of soliciting material for each episode, it was required before the start of series 2. Because I had so much other stuff to do, I only managed to write one sketch to submit (though it did consist of 4 parts). I'm hoping that when I write anything else vaguely 4am Cab-ish that I'll be able to pop in on a pile and have a healthy stack of them to submit to series 3 (Or in the event that they open the submission door in this series.)

Live from Kirrin Island

This is a semi topical podcast that does occassional episodes throughout the year. I actually got a credit on an episode, but my stuff was cut out before the podcast was finalised. I only started working on this after Newsjack had finished, but with the deadline being 10 days after the last episode of Newsjack, I was able to write a few one liners for it and a sketch.

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