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Reaching A Milestone

This past weekend was a fun one, I got to go to London to do Hoopla improv, but I also realised that in some ways it was a sad one, too.

Why? That's easy. As I prepared my Mundane Monday post for this week, I realised that my website has reached a fair number of hits:

I'm really pleased about that, but then i also saw the mileage on my car this weekend too:

That's right, the mileage on my car is now more than the number of hits on my website. And if there are any policemen reading out there, my readership is capable of clicking on website links faster than I can drive miles in my car. Especially since I've had my car less than a year and the website has been up and running since August 2009.

So let's see what we can do, shall we folks? I'll strive for interesting content (not this post, obviously) and you'll get a clickin'. And who knows? Maybe there might be a free give away in the future of this website.

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