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Newsjack Contributor Contract 2: The Contributioning

That's right, kids. A mere week after I got something broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra's Flagship Topical Comedy Show "Newsjack" I received the contribution agreement in the post:


Yay. Now that this short blog post is out the way I can get back to working on my submission packet for next week's show.

One thing I will say, in addition to this, is that I listened to the podcast for episode 2 (First broadcast Thursday September 27th, 2012), and I noticed that they actually read out the writers credits on the podcast. Last week they only had it on the website. This means I'm definitely going to have to get something else on the show in order to hear my name read out on the BBC. So sorry, 15 year old neighbor, our secret trip to France is off for another week.

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