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Onwards and Upwards

So the 50 Kisses shortlist was announced. And I didn't make that. Then the final 50 winners were announced. I wasn't on that list, either.

That's too bad. I can't say I'm not disappointed. I'll take a positive that I actually made the longlist, though.

I just have to keep going, both with the writing (which I don't find myself enjoying at the moment) and the improv (which I do enjoy). Things will get better.

Like most things in my life, I struggle with them. I don't know why I expected these two things in my life to be any different.

So now, it's time to knuckle down and try even harder.

I'm currently doing the Sketch Writing course with ComedySportz again. Time to really focus on it and get my funny down on paper.

Beyond that, in the next few months:

  1. There's the return of Newsjack. Can I get another £18 of my Licence Fee back?
  2. I've booked to go to London on Saturday October 13th for a Hoopla Impro workshop on Character. I've always enjoyed those workshops and this, the fourth time I've been, should be no different. Previous workshops I've attended have been on Genres (Saturday March 3rd 2012), Improv for Sketch Writing (Saturday July 7th 2012) and Game of Scene (Saturday July 21st 2012).
  3. As a group, Beware The Gnomes are trying to arrange some live sketch / improv gigs to complement the filmed stuff we have done, which should be fantastic.
  4. I'm even going to try and set myself a goal of having some new fiction here once a month.

So keep checking back in to see if I'm holding myself to my own promises.

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