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You've done it with me 10,000 times.

Thank you.

And you've given it to me 5,000 more times in just ten and a half months since I posted this little ode to 5,000 hits.

Amazing stuff!

I've had a lot of lows and a couple of highs over the past 10 months, and at least they are proving interesting enough reading.

The best thing to happen to me over the last 10 months has certainly been, in order, going to New York and doing improv 101 at UCB, going to London for the first time since 2004 to meet a friend and do an improv workshop, getting my first ever proper improv gig with the fine people of Wow Impro, getting my first BBC writing credit, and actually getting an invite to to the Wedding of the Century. The awesomeness of the event was conveyed on everyone's face:

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

L-R: Me, Bron (The Bride) and Stefania.

Here's to the next set of exciting adventures that await me.

And remember, the faster you click, the less i'll have done, so the shorter the 15K milestone blog post will be.

Until next time,


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