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Matt’s Night To Shine (Though Not In A Danny Torrance Kind Of Way)

Improv Gig: 1.

Date: Monday 12th March, 2012.

Company : Wow Impro.

Players : Rich, Rich, Matt, Liam, and me (Matt).

Location : Reckless Comedy @ Robbins’ Well, 2 Victoria Terrace, Leamington Spa, CV31 3AB.

Start time: 9pm.

Duration : 20 minutes.

So on Monday night I did my first non showcase or class show improve gig with Wow Impro.

I’ll admit after the fact that I was rather nervous before the gig, much more nervous and concerned about it than the stand up gig I did at the end of February 2012.

I was in a team comprised of Wow Impro veterans made up of: Rich Coad, Matt Dibbens, Richard Baldwin and, fitting in with the name game that we had going on, Liam Mullen. Then there was me, with my first gig.

We played four games.

First up was “Story Die” featuring all five of us with Rich Coad on pointer duty. It was a fun game, though I didn’t last long and was the first one to have “DIE” shouted at me by a group of students. It takes me back to my own student days, but at least these shouts were part of a game rule set.

Next up was “Emotional Taxi” featuring Richard Baldwin, Matt Dibbens, Liam Mullen and me. I was third in with “Anger”. It went well.

Third in the set was “Accents” featuring Rich Coad, Matt Dibbens, and me. My various pathetic attempts at accents included Jamaican, South African, Stephen Hawking, Scottish, Geordie, Brummie and Liverpool. Surprisingly, my Liverpool accent deserted me completely and I don’t think anything closely resembling that came out of my face.

Last game of the set was “Party Quirks” featuring all five of us with Rich Coad as the host of the party. I was a kleptomaniac, and I stole the MC’s biscuits.

All in all, I think it went reasonably well for my first attempt. The venue was nice, though the stage was a little crowded at times with all of us up there.

I look forward to doing more with the group, and there’s the potential to be involved in a gig at the end of April in Birmingham.

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