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Mundane Monday: Live From New York!

Live From New York, It's Mundane Monday.

That's right, kids. We're in New York City. And when I say "we", I actually mean I.

I've been here a week, so exactly what did I find on the streets of New York that I thought worthy of your Ocular Delectation?

Feast your eyes on this:

That's right, Americans are crazy. (Yes, those dogs are wearing sunglasses.) And not just that. But this:

Oh Santa, does your Christmas time loyalty to Coca Cola mean so little that you'll shill for Pepsi? Or is it Mrs Clause wanting you out of the house because she has a month long bridge game in August?

Both of these images were taken on Sunday 7th August, 2011. The Facial Tissues image was taken in Grestedes Supermarket (corner 8th Avenue & 26th Street). The Santa Billboard was just up the street from my hotel (7th Avenue & 33rd Street.)

Have a fun week, I'll see you back in the UK next week!

Um, yay?


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  1. Santa will whore himself wherever the cash is these days. Don’t you know the world is in financial crisis?

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